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Asado 2013 Gallery

Asado 2013, was blessed by another perfect day for a barbecue— sunny with a blessed touch of cooling wind — and the steak was delicious.

The pictures tell the story: barbecue-master Enio Cimarelli helped by Craig prepares the meat for the grill; Silvia Soto-bussard looked after the vegetarians; Trish Ramsay led the team checking payments on the gate and issuing meal vouchers; families and guest start to arrive and find shady spots for their picnic while youngsters play imaginary beach ball, rugby and soccer (only popular with one very small player).

Amicable queues formed to get plates well filled with steak, prompted by president Penelope Collinson with the loudhailer, empanadas (thanks Argentine Embassy) and salad.

There was the feeling it was a special occasion so as well as enjoying their meal in the park-like reserve many lingered until the afternoon drew to a close.