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Movie Night:
En construcción

Wednesday, 6:00pm,
at St Andrew's on the Terrace

“Work in progress” Over three years, José Luis Guerín recorded with obsessive rigor the demolition of an entire section of the Barrio Chino, a crumbling working-class neighbourhood in Barcelona, and the construction of a modern residential complex for the new Catalan middle-class. But as the construction of the city of the future proceeds, the past reasserts itself over and over again. Don't miss it! See you in the Guest Room.

Join us in the Conference Room 3 at 6pm. See more in Facebook

Casual visit: $5 donation.

Members of the Club: Free entry


23 OCT

Conversa De Bar
Spanish & Portuguese Conversation Club!

Wednesday, 7:00pm,
at El Barrio-Latino Bar

In collaboration with Massey University and Club Latino, El Barrio is pleased to bring you Wellington's first Portuguese-Spanish monthly language exchange club! Do you want to learn Spanish or Portuguese, or brush up on your existing language skills? No matter if you are from Latin America, New Zealand, or beyond.... join our friendly community of Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language and culture lovers once a month and practice in a low-pressure conversational environment with native speakers and learners alike. Our goal is to create a relaxed comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome to have fun, make new friends, and use their Spanish and/or Portuguese! The event is open to all levels of Spanish and Portuguese languages, from beginners to native fluency. Even if you speak English and are keen to learn Spanish or Portuguese come along and start to practise! Why not try ordering some food from our English-Spanish-Portuguese menu too! We will also have some teachers of both Spanish and Portuguese available at our events if you are interested in discussing private or group classes.

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Free entry


26 OCT

Viva! La Feria
Spring Fair with Club Latino

Saturday, 3:00pm,
at Thistle Hall Community Venue

Viva is a word of celebration – celebrating life, celebrating culture, celebrating people. Join us for our Spring Fair as we take a trip around the Spanish speaking countries and celebrate their culture. We have stalls with local latino businesses, raffles with great prizes to be won, games and activities, shows and the night will wrap up with plenty of dancing! A feria (fair in English) is an annual local festival in Spain and southern France, characterized by bullfights, bull running in the streets, bodegas (outdoor bars or cellars with festive music) and bandas. So it won't be quite the same but it will be a lot of fun! ¡Viva el mundo hispano! This event is part of the Massey University Spanish Language and Culture Week. More information here.

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After Office Español
con Club Latino

Friday, 5:30pm,
at El Barrio-Latino Bar

Our first After Work drinks event! Come and wind down the week with a chat in Spanish. It doesn't matter if you have been to one class, you're a native, the invitation is open to everyone to speak Spanish.
We want to host this event every month so if you can't make it this August, there is always September or October or November...


13 NOV

Movie Night:
Sin noticias de Dios

Wednesday, 6:00pm,
at St Andrew's on the Terrace

“Don't Tempt Me” When angel Lola (Victoria Abril) is sent to ensure that mortal prizefighter Manny (Bruno Bichir) makes virtuous decisions so he can find his way into heaven, hell's administrator Jack Davenport (Gael García Bernal) decides to enlist his alluring operative Carmen (Penélope Cruz) to win the boxer's soul for the sake of evil. Soon, Manny is unwittingly caught up in a holy battle, as Lola hopes to help him make the most of his time on earth, while Carmen tries to tempt him into sinful misdeeds.

Join us in the Common Room at 6pm. Movie starts 6pm.

Casual visit: $5 donation.

Members of the Club: Free entry